Red White Forever First Class Postage Stamps | Postage Stamp Stamp
Red White Forever First Class Postage Stamps | Postage Stamp Stamp
Red White Forever First Class Postage Stamps | Postage Stamp Stamp
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2015 Red White Forever First Class Postage Stamps

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250 Sheets of 20(5000 Stamps)
500 Sheets of 20(10000 Stamps)
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Description :

The heart has been a symbol of love since before the days of Ancient Greece. This stamp reminds people that true love can last forever. It was issued in time for Valentine’s Day mail.
Countless ballads attest to the power of love. People in love feel they can overcome any obstacle that stands before them. Love moves mountains, builds bridges, and tears down walls. 
Before the first millennium, the Roman poet Virgil coined the phrase “amor vincit omnia” – “love conquers all.” It is a sentiment often repeated in literature and romantic philosophy. Even in the real world, stories of sacrifice and devotion lift the spirits.
Fairy tales tell of charmed couples triumphing over evil to live happily ever after. Handsome princes rescue fair maidens from broken homes and eternal sleep, battling witches and dragons along the way. Against all odds, they defeat whatever foe lies in their path – all in the name of love.
Shakespeare’s 16th-century sonnets and plays are also filled with “love conquers all” references and themes. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, love is portrayed as a mythical force that can be manipulated by fairies. But in the end, earthly love wins out despite the fairies’ meddling. The strength of true love is too powerful even for magical interference.
The power of love reigns supreme in fiction and reality alike. For centuries, love has conquered all and will continue to do so for centuries to come.
The lacy design on this stamp was created by Jessica Hische using the word “Forever” to form a heart.